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Motion to Compel Arbitration

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Sued for credit card debt? This Motion to Compel makes it easy to win your case. 

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Motion to Compel Arbitration

A Motion to Compel Arbitration is a powerful document that makes it more likely your collector will drop the case. 

Protect Yourself

Our Motion to Compel Arbitration asserts your rights listed in your credit card agreement. 

Move On With Your Life

In many cases, debt collectors will stop collecting on a debt after they receive a Motion to Compel Arbitration.

Save Thousands

You could save thousands by not paying a cent more than you need to. 

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Their program is super easy to use. I'm extremely grateful for their help 🙏😁

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PDF Download
Use our tool to generate Motion to Compel Arbitration. At the end of the online flow, you'll be able to download your document as a PDF.

Mailing Instructions
We'll give you instructions on how to properly mail your Motion to the debt collector and the court to make sure it gets there properly.

A Motion to Compel Arbitration is a powerful document sent by someone being sued for credit card debt to their collector. It uses the arbitration clause is your credit card agreement against the collector. This makes it more difficult and more expensive for the collector to come after you.

Many debt collectors will simply give up after receiving Motion to Compel Arbitration.  

A Motion to Compel Arbitration is the Best Move

A Motion to Compel Arbitration increases the cost of the case for the collector and increases the likelihood the collector will drop the case.

What's Included

This step-by-step process was incredibly helpful, easy to understand and professional. 
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SoloSuit took a scary situation and made it easy and understandable!
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I was honestly surprised by how affordable this service is. Loved it and will recommend to my friends when the need arises.
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